The Services Offered By Car Services Online

Sep 04

Car rental companies are those who allow the customer to choose a car of their choice from the website and then the payment is made by the customer. Generally, a customer can book a car for few hours to a few weeks.

Online car booking agencies primarily serve people who require a temporary vehicle. For example, travelers who are out of town and need a car to explore the areas.  Alongside the basic booking of a car, the car booking agencies typically also offer some extra services such as insurance, Global Positioning Service(GPS) navigation systems, portable WiFi and child safety seats. Here are some of the services provided by them-


Special Equipment Options

Car services offer an option of selecting GPS while booking a car online. It is an obvious option. But many online car services allow you to rent other equipment also. This includes things ranging from gear adapted to people with special needs to baby seats, to special racks for outdoor adventures. Car services will also rent you a bike rack for that big adventure you have planned.

Membership Services

Most of the online car services offer a membership service. Often, the most basic option is free for them. The main benefit of membership services is able to make quick reservations each time you book a car. To get special offers, you can also sign up for their mailing list.

Online car booking agencies also have preferred customer programs. Sometimes this option provides you with a benefit skip lines and gets your car booked faster, or sometimes you might benefit from the special offers. Many car booking agencies have deals for the regular customers which range from special luxury car rental programs to free upgrades.

Special Rates And Business Programs

Sometimes preferential rates are provided to a variety of customers by the car booking services.Special rates are provided to business groups that want to book acar for the whole team. If you have an event or a special meeting that requires the rental of many cars, you should definitely check in with them.Often discounts are allowed to government and military personnel.

Miles And Points

Some online car booking companies have partnerships with airlines and hotels. They provide affordable package deals in association with the airline and hotel booking companies. It is worth looking into these deals to get discounts on advertised rates.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel the booking of the car one hour prior to the time of journey. The car booking company won’t charge any cancellation fees for all services.

But any cancellation made within one hour of travel might allow cancellation charges. Sometimes, if a customerhas paid the car booking money(in advance) and then cancels the trip before 1 hour of booking, then the money will be refunded. The refund will be made in online mode to customers within 5 days.

The online car booking services very well understand the need of a customer who books a car. That is why they offer so many services other than the car service.

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